Environment, Risks, and Us

Course Environment, Risks, and Us
Instructor Dr. Ismene Jäger, Prof. Dr. Dirk Bunke (in WS 16/17)
Prerequisites Introduction to  Earth and Environmental Sciences or Introduction to Life Sciences
Corresponding Module Humans and the Environment,
Advanced Life Sciences I or II
In this course students explore the complex relationship between the environment and human health. The course deeply engages with the physical, chemical and biological properties of specific environmental hazards, their causes, their mechanisms of release into the environment, major environmental pathways and fates, and their effect on human health. In addition, students develop basic skills in environmental risk assessment and management strategies. The course will include topics such as properties of eco-labels, assessment of chemicals e.g. chemicals in products from your everyday life, ecotoxicology, assessment of contaminants in surface/drinking waters and their effects on human health, environmental pollutants and their effect on animals.

The course also includes 1-2 excursions and several practical examples.
After the course students should be able to:

  1. describe specific environmental hazards and their relationship to human health in detail.
  2. understand and discuss specialized texts and research methods in the area covered in the module.
  3. apply acquired knowledge and research skills to other topics about environmental hazards and their relationship to human health.

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