Biodiversity, Culture and Conservation

Course Biodiversity, Culture and Conservation
Instructor Dr. Krishna Pokharel
Prerequisites Introduction to Earth and Environmental Sciences
Corresponding Module Humans and the Environment, Specialization Option Earth and Environmental Sciences I or II, Elective
Biodiversity as an ecological service is vital to humanity and socio-economic development. Living organisms are estimated to be more than 10 million species, most of which are microbes and arthropods such as insects. Biodiversity is the source for timber/-non timber products, agricultural products, and recreation and tourism. Furthermore, environmental functions of biodiversity include absorption of waste, recycling of nutrients, watershed and soil protection, carbon fixing and many more. Thus, biodiversity is connected to the multidimensional facets of human lives. However, these biological resources are overexploited. It is believed that the earth is now facing its sixth mass extinction. The solutions to those problems are often connected to a complex network of social, cultural, environmental, and economic systems.

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