Fundamentals of Resilience

CourseFundamentals of Resilience
InstructorProf. Dr. Stefan Hiermaier, Dr. Georg Clemens Ganzenmüller
PrerequisitesAdvanced EES students
Corresponding moduleSpecialization Option: EES I or II, Electives
The lecture provides a clear understanding of the term “resilience” in an engineering context, specifically as compared to stability, robustness, flexibility or failure safety. Students realize that failure of transport systems, infrastructure, support chains and of other technical systems is not necessarily a consequence of technical malfunction or bad design. Students find that in contrast the ability to control failure of systems and catastrophes can be achieved by networks of perspective interaction, prevention and adaption. Continuous adaption of behavior of individuals and of the control of facilities will be understood as necessary steps towards increasing resilience.
– key concepts and ideas in resilience engineering
– collection of typical systems addressed concerning their resilience
– introduction to tools for quantitative risk analyses

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