Dr. Kateřina D. Schlöglová, Geologist

What motivates you to teach at UCF?

Passing on my experience and passion to the interested minds, hungry for self-education and critical thinking, is the very best way how to ensure that our world of tomorrow will be in good hands.

Please describe briefly the subject you teach within Earth & Environmental Science or Sustainability Studies. 

My course Georesources is all about the resources beneath our feet – how do deposits of valuable minerals and metals form, how do we explore for them and how do we exploit and use them responsibly. The course lays the foundation for understanding the Earth’s fabric and geological processes driving the rock cycle. Join me for the Earth’s exploration journey – from the academic & industrial perspective!

What about your course and your field of expertise do you consider particularly relevant to the vast field of EES or Sustainability Studies?

Ore deposits are the primary source of raw materials for our industrial and economic growth. But to grow sustainably, we have to use the resources responsibly. The key for doing that is not only deep understanding of the geological processes we can observe in the field or learn about from laboratory experiments but also cooperation between all interested sides – academia, industry, governments, and consumers.

What else would you like to share about you and/or your course?

Want to know more or contact me? Please visit my Uni website: https://www.minpetro.uni-freiburg.de/team/schloeglova

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