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Below you will find all EES courses which are offered at UCF. There are basic courses all EES majors have to take and advanced courses which you can choose more freely according to your interests in order to meet the module requirements. You can only take one course per module. If there are different courses offered for the same module and you are interested in several of them, you may take those as electives or (in some cases) as your EES specialization otions. For more information on the modular structure of the major, double-check this post.

Basic (Compulsory Modules) Typically one course offered per module
Advanced (Compulsory Elective Modules) Several courses offered per module

Disclaimer: This overview is for informational purposes only. Course offers can be subject to changes. Consult the most recent course catalogue for up-to-date course offers each semester.

Course Corresponding Module
Intro to EES Introduction to EES
Maths & Physics M&P for the Liberal Arts and Sciences
Environmental Chemistry Chemistry
Earth Sciences Earth Sciences
Ecology: From Genetic Adaptations to Communities Ecology
Field Excursions Methods of Observing Nature
Computational Modeling Computer Science, Data Processing, and Modeling in the Sciences
Geographic Information Systems Analytical Methods
The Earth in the Universe Evolution and Dynamics of the Planetary System
Resources and Sustainability Global Cycles of Matter and Materials
Environment, Risks, and Us Humans and the Environment
Environmental Psychology Humans and the Environment
Environmental Planning Humans and the Environment
Environmental Governance Humans and the Environment
Environmental Politics Humans and the Environment
Biodiversity, Culture, and Conservation Humans and the Environment
Climate Change and Biodiversity Specialization Option EES I or II
Energy Specialization Option EES I or II
  • Free of choice
  • Any of the above advanced courses are eligible (if not already used for a different module)
  • Eligible for independent study projects
Specialization Option EES I or II

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