Relevant Graduate Programs

You have made it to our graduate study section! Interest in our natural environment and our relationship with it is growing all around the world. So it comes as little of a surprise that there is a sheer endless offer of environment-related graduate study programs. We have started to collect potentially interesting programs, some of which EES-LAS graduates have already gotten into. These programs cover a very broad spectrum, just like the field of Earth & Environmental Sciences does.

While some of the programs below focus on fieldwork and research in the natural sciences others focus on issues of sustainability management. EES majors are qualified for a broad range of different graduate study programs. The basic modules of the EES major at UCF provide a sound scientific basis for further graduate study. Still, how we choose our courses for the advanced modules and how we specialize within your Electives section determines which particular graduate programs are most suitable for us.

Feel free to browse through all the programs below, get inspired, but do not forget to inspire us! If you have any program suggestions you would like to share on this page, please share it with us through this form. Clicking on the program name will take you to our post on the respective program, selecting the official link will take you to respective institutional websites.

Master programs

Name University Tags
M.Sc. Environmental Sciences / Umweltwissenschaften ALU Freiburg, DE Sciences, Forestry
M.Sc. Renewable Energy Engineering and Management ALU Freiburg, DE Energy, Engineering, Sustainability
M.Sc. Environmental Governance ALU Freiburg, DE Governance, Sustainability
M.Sc. Sustainable Systems Engineering ALU Freiburg, DE Engineering, Sustainability, Systems
M.Sc. Environmental Sciences Wageningen, NL Sciences
M.Sc. Forest and Nature Conservation Wageningen, NL Conservation, Sustainability
M.Sc. Global Change Ecology Bayreuth, DE Sciences
M.Sc. Environmental Sciences Göteborg, SE Sciences
M.Sc. Life Cycle & Sustainability Pforzheim, DE Systems, Sustainability
M.Sc. Global Change Geography HU Berlin, DE Sciences, Systems
M.Sc. Environmental Planning TU Berlin, DE Planning, Sustainability
M.Sc. Stadtökologie (Urban Ecosystem Science) TU Berlin, DE Sciences, Ecology
M.Sc. Sustainable Resource Management TU München, DE Sustainability
M.Sc. Environmental Engineering (Master of Science in Technology) Aalborg, DK Engineering
M.Sc. Environmental Communication and Management SLU Uppsala, SE Communication
M.Eng. Environmental Management and Urban Planning (GER) HSRM Wiesbaden / FUA Frankfurt Planning, Sustainability