Current LAS Students

You are in your first or second year of LAS and looking to chose your major? You are wondering what EES is all about? And who this major is about? Well, then you are in the right place! Explore EES courses offered at UCF. Get to know your future professors. Read some stories by your peers and where EES has taken them (and where they have taken EES). Learn more about study projects and B.Sc. theses submitted at UCF.

We also want to give you a feel for the possibilities EES will open up for you beyond UCF. Check out this overview of interesting courses taught within relevant study programs at the University of Freiburg.

Are you maybe looking for some inspiration for where EES may take you in the future? We have also compiled a list of exciting graduate study programs, some of which EES majors have already gotten into. These programs range from the natural to the social sciences. They include in-depth, research-oriented as well as application-oriented ones. Which program may be suitable for your future plans likely depends on what you will focus on in your EES specialization options and electives section.

If you want to stay tuned about events, topics related to EES or simply wonder about when to turn in the latest assignment, be sure to join our EES students group on Facebook. For regular information on the major and meetings with Sabine, register for the “EES Interest Group” on Ilias (Info Board >> Major Interest Groups >> EES).

We have all experienced that it can be helpful to talk to someone in person who has already decided on their major. Therefore, stay tuned for the Major Discussion event organized by our student’s council. Declared majors from the older LAS cohorts host at least one open Q&A session per year. If you do not want to wait until the Major Discussion, just ask around in our Facebook group or send an e-mail. We got you 😉