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You are currently looking for a study program and you are considering LAS? Here you will find official information on the overall program. Still, please feel free to stick around, browse our website, and learn more about majoring in EES at UCF.

Liberal Arts and Sciences presents a specific approach to undergraduate study. We reach across different disciplines while acquiring more discipline-oriented academic training through the major we choose. The four majors are Earth & Environmental Sciences, Life Sciences, Governance, and Culture & History.

The first year of LAS provided us with foundational knowledge in philosophy, the sciences, and also gave an overview of the different majors. In our second year of study, we decided on EES as our major and focus within our liberal education. On this website, we want to share our experiences and give you a feel for what studying EES is like.

The major consists of a host of modules. You “cross off” modules as your studies advance by taking courses which fit the module requirements. Some courses are obligatory for all EES students. For instance, you will probably start by taking the Introduction to EES in your first year of study. Once you decide on EES as your major, you start taking some of the courses for the basic modules like for instance Earth Sciences, Ecology, and Field Excursions. With this foundational knowledge, you will then be able to choose courses for the advanced modules. A whole variety of courses are applicable for these modules and this is where your personal passion within EES comes into play. The major has a strong focus on human-environment interactions, yet it is up to each one of us to shape it according to our needs and desires through the courses we take.

Want to get to know some faces and how we came to shape our study of the EES within the LAS program? Then check out these testimonials by current EES majors. On our website, you also have the chance to get to know some of our professors, feel free to browse their profiles.

If you are interested in even more EES-related information, go ahead and check out some of the other sections on this website. As UCF students, we are also eligible for courses taught at the University of Freiburg. Therefore, we as EES majors, are collaboratively collecting information on courses by other departments which we consider interesting and relevant. We are doing the same for exciting graduate study programs, some of which EES majors have already gotten into. For student activities and events related to sustainability, you should check out our dearest EcoALAS.

We hope both this guide and the website have been a help for you! If you have any further questions and or comments, feel free to contact the EES students group via e-mail.

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