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You have made to our Wiki on courses by other departments at the University of Freiburg. As UCF students we are also eligible for many courses taught at the University. Therefore, we are collaboratively collecting information on those courses we consider relevant and interesting to our field.We hope this catalogue will continue to grow and gives you a feel for the possibilities EES will open up for you beyond UCF.

Feel free to browse the existing catalogue posted below. We hope you like what you see so far and that we got you hooked as well. If you are not already participating in our knowledge exchange but have some interesting courses to share, please get in touch with us! Just use the following form to submit the information we need for a new entry. Thanks for your contribution!

Click on the programs below in order to see courses which other EES majors have already passed or simply suggest taking because they seem to related well to studying EES at UCF. Most courses at the university are taught in German. Course descriptions will be available in the language the courses are taught in.

Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources

 B.Sc. Majors
Environmental Sciences
Forestry and Environment
B.Sc. Minors
Wood and Bioenergy
International Forestry
Meteorology and Climatology
Nature Conservation and Landscape Management
Environmental Hydrology


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