Lara, Class of 2016, Germany

In a couple of words, what’s your main passion within EES?

Environmental Communication/Governance

Why did you choose to major in Earth & Environmental Sciences?

Because I knew that I wanted to do something to deal with environmental changes and challenges, but I did not know exactly what I wanted to do.

What are your goals with EES as your major?

Being in my last year of studies, EES helped me to gain a broad understanding of environmental issues. Now I can build upon that knowledge during my Master in Enrionmental Communication and Management.

Where did you go for your stay abroad? And how did this help you supplement your EES studies?

I went to Pennsylvania State University for one semester. I did not primarily go abroad to further my Major, but rather my personal academic interest in combining EES with communcation/social sciences/governance. For that, I took a course on human-environmental systems, rural development, intercultural communication and conflict resolution and negotiation. In that regard my studies abroad were an important experience to further focus and pursue my academic interest.

How did you choose your Electives? In relation to your major?

I spent my electives partially on just personal fields of interest and partially on courses related to what I am interested in carreer-wise, such as communication courses.

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