Energy Policy

CourseEnergy Policy
InstructorDr. Sibylle Braungardt

PrerequisitesIntroduction to EES and/or Introduction to Governance
Corresponding moduleSpecialization Option: EES I or II,  Human and the Environment, Specialization Option Governance I and II
The transition towards an affordable, reliable and sustainable energy system is one of the key challenges the world is facing today. The course focuses on the dynamics of energy transitions and the role of public policy in shaping such processes. The content of the course is inherently interdisciplinary, focusing on the economic, social, technological and environmental challenges related to energy transitions. The students get familiar with the basic concepts and tools of energy analysis, focusing on the needs of energy policy decision-makers. The course covers a diverse set of policy instruments and strategies to support energy transition processes and discusses their effectiveness, efficiency and equitability. Based on the recent announcement of the German leading parties that the 2020 emission targets will not be reached, the students will develop an exemplary policy strategy to reach the 2030 targets in a case study project.

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