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You have made it to the student-run website on the Earth & Environmental Sciences (EES) major taught at University College Freiburg (UCF). EES is one of the four majors offered within the Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences at UCF.

We, as EES students group provide this platform for prospective LAS students, current LASsies who are looking to choose their major, and for knowledge exchange among declared EES majors.

Just click onto the group that applies to you and you will find a brief guide to this website.

Of course, we also invite all other guests to browse our website and to get to know the EES major. Have fun diving into the course offers, getting to know our professors, meeting some declared EES majors, and exploring future prospects that EES opens up!

If you have any questions, comments or own ideas feel free to contact the EES students group via e-mail.

Your EES students group

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