Veronika, Class of 2016, Belarus

In a couple of words, what’s your main passion within EES?

Sustainable systems design and system analysis, Eco-agriculture, bioenergy

Why did you choose to major in Earth & Environmental Sciences?

Because the environment is what I care about. Maybe it sounds funny, but it really hurts my heart to see eroded soils or that the predictions for the future about the limits to our growth coming true.

What are your goals with EES as your major?

Understand the world and hopefully change it into a bit better place 😛

Where did you go for your stay abroad? And how did this help you supplement your EES studies?

I went abroad for two semesters to the University of Hong Kong. As this university is one of the leading schools for environmental and civil engineering, I was happy to find many courses on pollution-controlling engineering, energy conversion systems and waste treatment engineering courses. Through being enrolled at civil engineering department for a year I could mix environmental sciences with more engineering approach and I am convinced that this mixture gave me the advantage when I applied for graduate studies.

How did you choose your Electives? In relation to your major?

I chose what I thought made sense for me: energy conversion systems, utility services, but also what was offered and what I thought I might need at some point: GIS, Matlab.

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