Course  Geo-Hazards
Instructor  Prof. Dr. Hoppe
Prerequisites Introductory Module: Thought and Research in the Area of Earth and Environmental Sciences or Introductory Module: Thought and Research in the Area of Governance
Corresponding Module Specialization Option EES I or II,
Advanced Governance I or II
 Geo-Hazards – Risks, Mitigation and Management

Geological hazards depend on plate tectonics as well as specific regional and local conditions. Their possible consequences are widely influenced by human behaviour.

The course gives an overview on origins and phenomena of earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, mass movements and harmful geogenic elements and minerals. Possibilities of prediction as well as mitigation strategies will be discussed. Furthermore, environmental security and legal aspects, risk monitoring and crisis management will be covered, supplemented with excursions and guest lectures.

A seminar on different case studies of ancient and recent catastrophes requires interdisciplinary work in groups.

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