Ecology: From Genetic Adaptions to Communities

Course Ecology: From Genetic Adaptions to Communities
Instructor Dr. Volker Nehring (WS19/20)
Prerequisites Introduction to EES
Corresponding Module Ecology, Advanced Life Sciences I, II or III,
All biological processes are affected by ecological interactions, and so are we as humans, part of a complex global network. The course is designed to advance the students’ understanding of how ecosystem changes affect us and vice versa. It focuses on different levels of biotic entities, from communities (community ecology, biodiversity, population dynamics, urban ecology) through interactions of individuals with their environment (sensory ecology, optimal foraging, social evolution, species interactions). It also covers the fundamental evolutionary processes that underlie all patterns we observe in nature.

The course has a strong practical emphasis requiring students to discuss published research, but also to conduct and present their own experiments.

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