Introduction to Earth and Environmental Sciences

Course Introduction to Earth and Environmental Sciences
Instructor Dr. Sabine Sané


Prerequisites none
Corresponding Module Introduction to EES
Discover research methods used in Earth and Environmental Sciences through practical work.Explore environmental impact and sustainability. Understand the life cycle assessment of products, processes or activities. Engage with the environmental, social and economic dimensions of sustainability. Analyze decision-making processes towards more sustainability.

Understand the basic interacting components of our Earth system. Study our physical environment (e.g. structure and function of the atmosphere), our living environment (e.g. structure and function of ecosystems), as well as the interaction of both.

Upon successful completion of this module, students should be able to:
(1) Understand basic structures and functions of different components of the Earth system and their interaction with each other.
(2) Connect links between these components to contemporary environmental challenges.
(3) Conduct basic scientific work/experiments.

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