M.Sc. Environmental Sciences

Program Name Environmental Sciences
Type M.Sc.
Institution University of Freiburg
Entry Requirements
  • A university degree with the average grade above 2.9 according to the German grading scheme in a subject related to forestry or environmental sciences
  • Specific requirements for the different elective tracks:
    • “Landnutzung und Naturschutz“: in-depth knowledge about the basics of landscape ecology
    • “Umweltmodellierung und GIS”: in-depth knowledge about numeric and image-creating devices
    • “Ökologie des Klimawandels”: in-depth knowledge of ecosystem interrelations
    • „Wildlife, Vegetation and Biodiversity“: in-depth knowledge of the basics of population ecology
    • “Biomaterials and Bioenergy”: in-depth knowledge of biology/chemistry and application of renewable resources
  • Language proficiency in Englisch and/or German:  depending on the respective core modules/elective tracks, non-native speakers have to proof their proficiency according to level C1 of the Common European Framework.
The M.Sc. “Umweltwissenschaften/Environmental Sciences” deals with various aspects of the analysis of environmental change, its impacts on natural systems and human societies, as well as the development of measures to mitigate existing and to prevent future problems. Aspects of global change and its effects on wildlife and biodiversity are covered as well as new approaches towards a sustainable bioeconomy, developing new biomaterials and making more effective use of bioenergy.

The study program aims to generate:

  • A general understanding of the current global environmental situation as well as the causes of, and perspectives on, environmental problems.
  • An in-depth understanding of ecological and technical, but also political and economic processes which are crucial for the development of a future “green” world.
  • Methodological knowledge and competence to analyze ecological changes at various levels and to develop counteractive measures.

To achieve this, the M.Sc. course features a wide range of learning systems to impart the theoretical knowledge and the resources to apply this in practical situations through excursions, case studies and internships/practical work experience.

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University of Freiburg. “M.Sc. Program.” — M.Sc. Umweltwissenschaften / Environmental
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