Natural Heritage Interpretation

Course Natural Heritage Interpretation
Instructor Dr. Sabine Sané, Dr. Anna Chatel (SS 19)


Corresponding Module
Observing Nature, Elective
To preserve the value of nature, it is important to first observe nature and then to communicate it’s unique value to others. In this course we will observe nature by going out into the field. The communication method we will then use, is called Heritage Interpretation. It offers a wide potential for the successful mediation of scientific knowledge for various target groups in national parks, science centers, museums, and public sites.  We will study theoretical background on heritage interpretation, read important articles and research in the field of interpretation, and present their findings. We will discuss and evaluate best practices in the surroundings of Freiburg (e.g. Mundenhof, Feldberg, and Kandel). Finally, in groupwork you will create your own interpretive project at a natural site in form of a personal interpretation, audiotour, or app by using a literature survey, expert interviews, and field work. At the end of the course groups will present their interpretive offer in the field.

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