Computational Modeling

Course Computational Modeling
Maths & Physics (may be waived if you can show that you have sufficient maths background)
Corresponding Module
Computer Science, Data Processing and Modeling in the Sciences

MATLAB is considered to be one of the most important languages for mathematical computing; it is capable of simulating any mathematical model that can be solved numerically. This course shall provide insight into the basics of mathematical modelling with MATLAB.Contents:

  1. Introduction to basic operations (numeric calculations), matrix operations (matrix multiplication, inversion, vector transformation), functions (calculation, parameterization and return values), m-files, and proper formatting.
  2. Writing documentations using MATLAB.
  3. Fundamentals of modeling with MATLAB: economic systems, chaotic functions, mechanical systems and biological predator/prey systems.
  4. Modeling of feedback control using SIMULINK.
  5. Introduction to mathematical art.

Lecture notes will be provided as a reference and for guidance in the exercises. The subjects of the students’ MATLAB projects can be from various fields – economical simulations are as welcome as physical simulations or geological data analyses. It should be of appropriate complexity, although no bachelor thesisgrade work is expected. Students can either choose to cover a subject that may be already part of their studies or ask the lecturer for a suggestion.

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