Maths and Physics

Course Maths and Physics
PD Dr. Lothar Mühlbacher (WS 15/16)
Introductory Module: Thought and Research in the Area of Life Sciences
Introductory Module: Thought and Research in the Area of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Corresponding Module
Mathematics and Physics for the Liberal Arts and Sciences

This module introduces basic concepts of mathematics and physics, the former in close context to the latter. With math being `the language of physics’, the first part of the course will be mainly devoted to presenting the mathematical tools necessary to develop a quantitative description of nature, which, in return, constitutes both the central aim of physics as well as the second part of the course. The main goal of the module is not just to become familiar to (maybe even fluent in) the basic ideas of mathematics and physics, but, even more importantly, to understand the importance of abstract ideas and to learn how to use abstraction to solve previously unknown scientific problems.

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