Earth Sciences

Course Earth Sciences
Instructor Dr. Eckardt Stein
Prerequisites Introduction to Earth and Environmental Sciences
Corresponding Module

Earth Sciences, Elective

In this module, students explore fundamental principles of endogenous and exogenous geology to gain basic understanding of the shape and functioning of our planet.

Regarding endogenous geology, students learn about the Earth’s interior structure and internal processes. These processes include the formation of rocks, in particular igneous rocks and metamorphic rocks, and deformation (plate tectonics).

With respect to exogenous geology, students learn about processes and forces near or at the Earth’s surface, such as the physical and chemical weathering of rocks, transport of materials (through wind, water and ice) and deposition of materials in different environments (glaciers, lakes, sea) as sedimentary rocks.

In addition, an emphasis is placed on the link between both exogenous and endogenous principles and contemporary environmental challenges (e.g. earth quakes, reservoirs of resources). During the seminar, students link their acquired knowledge to current environmental challenges.

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