Pia, Class of 2017, Germany

In one or two words, what’s your main passion within EES?

Sustainable systems

Why did you choose to major in Earth & Environmental Sciences?

It fascinates me how this whole complex system, the Earth, is constructed and how we, as a part of this system, are influenced and do influence it. I would like to get more understanding on all these processes: how is everything connected? How are we shaped by the environment and how can we deal with it in more sustainable ways?

What are your goals with EES as your major?

With EES as my major, I would like to get a broader viewpoint on processes and circles on Earth and to explore how different approaches can help understanding them.

Did you go abroad during your studies? If yes, where did you go? And how did this help you supplement your EES studies?

I spent a semester at Pennsylvania State University in the US. They have an enormous course catalogue, and I was very happy with the couses I choose in the areas of sustainable systems and environmental engineering. Generally, it was very helpful to gain an insight to different approaches, views, and practices in this context.

How did you choose your Electives? In relation to your major?

I spent about half of my electives on different courses within the EES-field (e.g. “Biorenewable Products”, “Analyzing Environmental Conflicts”) and the other half on getting more basics in the natural sciences and engineering (e.g. advanced mathematics, electrical engineering). I hope that these courses will help to qualify me for master programs and jobs I’m interested in.

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