Environmental Planning

Course Environmental Planning in response to climate change
Instructor Dr. Arian Mahzouni (WS 19/20)
Prerequisites Introduction to EES
Corresponding Module Humans and the Environment,
Specialization Option EES I or II
In response to climate change and resource depletion, there is a global challenge to make our cities more sustainable and resilient. The solutions to current environmental challenges require integrated approaches across many academic disciplines. This course will draw on the concept and principles of ‘urban environmental planning’, which aims to decreasing human induced environmental problems in our cities by integrating environmentally sound practices in urban planning. It aims to provide students with extensive knowledge on various planning policies and practices of environmental protection from European cities (including Freiburg) and cities of the Global South to make our cities more sustainable and resilient.  Course outcomes After the completion of this course students would be able to:

• Understand the pathways and dynamics of energy transition in the built environment (including housing, mobility, energy supply and other urban infrastructures)

• Understand the opportunities and challenges of taking an interdisciplinary approach across the fields of urban planning and environmental sciences to better comprehend the complexity of ‘urban energy transition’

• Improve their analytical thinking skills in mapping the potential conflicts of interest between different stakeholders and the ability to identify synergies and trade-offs among key elements of urban sustainability e.g., environmental, social, economic.

! This course may be subject to change and might not be offered in the future !

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