Energy Technology

Course Energy Technology
Instructor Dr. Sabine Sané, Dipl. Ing. Johannes Erben


Prerequisites Introduction to EES
Corresponding Module Specialization Option EES I or II, Elective
One big challenge of the 21st century is the provision of a growing energy demand due to an increase in population and living standards without destroying the planet. In this respect, the benefits and limitations of traditional sources like coal, gas and oil vs. types of renewable energies like biomass, wind and solar power are often discussed. This course introduces you to the current energy technologies. We will identify potential applications, advantages and limitations of different energy technologies and fuels that drive them by getting to know the sciences behind them.  You will focus on three main topics:

(1) electrochemical technologies which comprise batteries and fuel cells

(2) heat engines, which include motors, gas turbines, cooling processes and alike and

(3) other (supporting) technologies such as generators, electric motors, nuclear power, wind turbines, solar cells and hydro power.

The theoretical part of the course will be supported by practical work. After this course you will be able to recognize and understand the types and differences between current energy technologies and fuels. You will be able to evaluate and compare these technologies and furthermore, to apply your knowledge in current discussions about the benefits and limitations of prospect energy technologies

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