Emerging & Future Photovoltaic Options

CourseEmerging and Future Photovoltaic Technology Options
InstructorDr. Jan Christoph Goldschmidt

PrerequisitesCourse on Energy Technologies
Corresponding moduleSpecialization Option: EES I or II
The overarching goal of this module is to enable the students to participate in research & development of advanced photovoltaic technologies, as well as to critically assess the potential benefit of new PV technologies for a sustainable energy system in an industrial or political context. The participants of this module will be able to explain how efficiency limitations of the current silicon solar cell technology and the current cost structure of PV electricity motivate the ongoing efforts to develop alternative PV technologies. The students will be able to name the relevant PV technology options that are currently being investigated, describe their working principle as well as the limitations and challenges these options face. The students will be able to list critical key indicators for performance, potential, market readiness and relevance of a PV technology and to use those to critically assess new emerging PV technologies

! Registration dates of technical faculty apply !

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