Photovoltaic Lab

CoursePhotovoltaic Lab
InstructorProf. Dr. Stefan Glunz, Dr. Nico Johannes Tucher Ralph Müller
PrerequisitesCourse Solar energy or similar course
Corresponding moduleSpecialization Option: Earth and Environmental Sciences I or II
The Photovoltaic Laboratory provides an opportunity for hands-on experience with the PV-related topics introduced in the Solar Energy course. Students will get to know solar cells from a practical view and gain experience in interconnection and operation of solar cells, including evaluation of their performance. Students will understand the electrical properties of solar cells e.g. the IV-curve and related parameters; they will experience the influence of environmental conditions such as temperature, intensity of the incoming light and the angle of incidence. The examination of solar cells as a component part in electrical circuits will enable students to solve typical problems, e.g. how to connect a couple of single cells reasonably to build up a module or how to avoid problems caused by shading. Knowledge about the behaviour and performance on load when used as power source is very important for the application of solar cells. Off-Grid systems will also be investigated as a practical application scenario for photovoltaic. This will bring students in contact with electrical components such as load-regulators, storage etc. These are elementary topics for solid knowledge of solar cells and crucial for ongoing research of a more application-oriented use of solar cells

! Registration dates of technical faculty apply, course taught in German !

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