Solar Energy

CourseSolar Energy
InstructorProf. Dr. Stefan Glunz
PrerequisitesSuccessful completion of the course Energy (Technologies) at UCF
Corresponding moduleSpecialization Option: EES I or II, Electives
• Solar Energy – Theoretical and Technical Energy Potential (black body radiation, Carnot cycle, maximum efficiencies,
• Solar Energy Technologies – Tapping the sun’s energy (overview of conversion technologies, system boundaries,seasonal fluctuation, …
• Photovoltaics – Physics of Solar Cells (introduction to semiconductors,Fermi levels, IV curves, conversion efficiency, quantum efficiency …)
• Photovoltaics – Technology Review (short introduction to the structure and technology of crystalline silicon solar cells)
• Solar Thermal – Physics of Solar Collectors (basics of thermo dynamics, fluid dynamics, absorption, emission, power output and other performance criteria)
• Solar Thermal – Technology Review (from low temperature applications up to power plants – examples)
• Heat pumps – Thermodynamics, electrical and thermal driven heat pumps and chillers, main components (compressor, evaporator, condensor etc.), system configurations (layout, sources, storages, control strategies etc )
• Heat pumps: field tests and best case examples – Heat pumps and smart grid interaction, Heat pumps and PV, Heat pumps + solar thermal, storage integration)

The lecture will be accompanied by a weekly exercise to deepen the understanding of the lecture’s content and to discuss further details.

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